I wanted my website to include all the books from which there was a digital version for free download so that everyone can print them and have access to them.

The book project was born of a desire to archive and share my work.

Begun in 1995, influenced by the Freinet method and later by my practice of fanzines and magazines, I soon felt the need to keep track of what I was doing in the form of books, catalogs, and textbooks in the first place, without really realizing it.

But it was only in 2010, when I was looking for a new way to show my work, that I realized that I had on the shelf in the library room of my 15m2 apartment, in which I spent more than ten years, more than one hundred binded books, bringing together almost all of my texts and drawings.

Another hundred books, mostly of photographs, have seen the light of day between 2010 and 2014, supplemented by a few “concept books” with different content, allowing one to read my practice in another way and to link it to the Room Project and to the notion of Art Posthume.

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