The Art Posthume movement was created in 2001 by Artus de Lavilléon and developed in 2004 in a manifesto countersigned AleksiAnnaDanieleÉdouard.

Based on the idea that art would have died at the beginning of the last century, the choice of the term posthumous exceeds the notions of contemporary or modern to include the notion of life after death and the testimony of experience, but also of a form of refusal of the recognition during the artist’s lifetime.

Referring to Malevich, Cendrars, Miller, Debord, and others, without ever identifying them, the Art Posthume Manifesto includes a number of reflections centered around the intention of not doing to be but being to be.

Applied to arts events, the guiding idea of the movement puts amateurism at the heart of a practice that is released from the notions of talent, novelty, and belonging to an elite group, even if defended by the manifest itself.


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