“If we are ever going to be known for and by his work, this implies that we will read it in the light of our lives, and therefore the application of strict ethics in one as in another “

The Room Project, developed in hundreds of self published works, is linked to Artus de Lavilléon’s intention to put on sale the room reinstalled in the walls of the 15m2 apartment in which he lived for 15 years, of unchanged content, by carefully maintaining all objects that entered without any other selection criteria than those related to the daily life, until making it unfit for habitation.

The room, which was reproduced in the Patricia Dorfman gallery in 2005, and from which some elements were extracted and shown in numerous exhibitions, is now to conceive as an accurate trace of a given period in its desire to be frozen for eternity, and as a fight against a certain form of selection and elitism, our own so called contemporary era.


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